Steel Buildings in the Oklahoma City area

Durable, functional and affordable – These are the attributes of a quality steel building. Van de Steeg offers high quality steel buildings in Edmond and Oklahoma City that will last for years to come.

Steel Buildings are durable and weather resistant: Steel is one of the strongest building materials available today, and can withstand Oklahoma’s severe weather conditions, including high winds, severe snowstorms, tornadoes, and even earthquakes. Oklahoma’s Steel buildings are not susceptible to termites, creeping, cracks, splitting, rotting or fire either. There are now options for reinforcing steel against vandalism and fire, useful in metro areas like Oklahoma City. Reputable Oklahoma steel building contractors offer a manufacturer’s 25-year warranty on their structures, providing you with immediate security on your investment.

Insurance advantages of steel buildings in Oklahoma: Because of their superior strength and fire retardant nature, steel buildings have been proven to withstand Oklahoma’s harsh conditions, leading insurance companies in most areas to offer rebates of up to 40% to insure metal building systems structures. Call us for the latest on Oklahoma steel building rebates, including in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and other areas.

Sustainability – building green with steel: The energy consumption due to the construction and maintenance of non-steel buildings constitutes a sizeable portion of Oklahoma’s eco-footprint. When you choose a steel building systems structure for your Oklahoma construction project, however, you can be guaranteed that you are making an environmentally responsible decision. To learn more:

“A typical 2000-square-foot home requires about 40 to 50 trees, about an acre’s worth. With steel, only the equivalent of about six scrapped automobiles is needed.”   – The Steel Recycling Institute

Environmental Benefits of building with steel

  • Steel is recycled and 100% recyclable – Every bit of North American steel forged contains recycled steel, and is 100% recyclable.
  • Highly efficient use of materials
  • Long life cycles – Steel buildings last a long time
  • Most steel products don’t release pollutants (like some treated wood products) – Be sure to ask your steel building manufacturer or Oklahoma steel building contractor if they use environmentally friendly paint and coatings
  • Reduced heat island effect: Steel buildings featuring cool metal roofing reduce the impact on Oklahoma climate and habitat
  • Energy efficient – Steel buildings heat and cooling loss statistics (especially around doors, windows, foundation, and roofing) are significantly lower than other types of construction, an important consideration in the extreme Oklahoma climate.

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