The Ultimate Bathroom Design Remodel Checklist

July 6, 2015 9:30 am

The bathroom is one of the first rooms on homeowner’s lists to remodel. When doing any remodel on your home it’s important to know you have all your ducks in a row before you start your project.

The bathroom is one of the more challenging home improvement projects. One of the most difficult tasks is figuring out your design plan. Once you’ve figured that out, you’re ready to start.

Pinspiration and the bathroom design remodel checklist

Plan your new bathroom

Start by drawing out your ideas or consult your Pinterest board for inspiration. Put colors and styles together based off the main idea you like the best. When you’re thinking about your design consider matching the theme to the medicine cabinets, bath fixtures, faucets and shower head, tub spouts and faucets.

Your sink is a center of attention in your bathroom that eyes will gravitate to as they wash their hands or they look at their lovely faces in the mirror. When thinking of a design for your sink, consider whether you like a modern, fancy or classic theme.

Bathroom Design Sink Ideas







Make the most of your space

Bathrooms come in many shapes and sizes. Ask yourself “What can actually fit in my bathroom?”, as well as “Where should things go when the project is done?” You may want to call on an interior designer to help you determine whether your idea will fit within the confines of the foundation of your bathroom.

The item that will take up the most space is your tub or shower. Think about what the atmosphere around your tub and shower are going to be and make plans accordingly. Do you want your tub next to a window? What kind of amenities do you want in and around your tub? Do you want a shower for your furry friends so you can keep yours free of pet hair?

Bathtub Design Ideas






Shower Design Ideas







Things to keep in mind are not only the design, materials and décor but also the costs associated with remodeling a bathroom. On average two thirds of your budget will be spent on labor (contractor, electrician, plumber, interior designer.) Be sure to account for disposal expenses. If you have an old home don’t forget to plan for any kind of wood rotting, old plumbing, old wiring, and concrete under the tile or mold. Budget for electrical outlets, plumbing, lighting and ceiling fans and vents.

Deciding on the floor for your bathroom is a matter of how much you would like to spend. Some floors are a significant investment, while others like the one shown in the third photo below costs a matter of cents (quite literally.) The photo is of a DIY penny floor, where every change of color you see is a new penny. When choosing your floor, keep in mind the longevity of the materials.

Bathroom flooring Ideas






Hire Professional help

Most bathroom renovations take about six weeks from start to finish. Go over a timeline with the contractor for what materials he will need and when he will need them. Make sure to get an estimated time for the completion of the project.

Remember that detailed projects like backsplashes/backdrops will require you to bring in a professional contractor and may add time to your project completion.

Bathroom Wall Ideas






Order ahead

Order your supplies ahead of time and keep in mind that items like custom fixture and tiles may take longer to get in than others. You should order at least eight weeks before you start your renovation.

If you’re going for the Sponge Bob toilet for the kids bathroom or looking to activate your creativity by doing the DIY toilet paper tree make sure you have all your supplies on hand. No one wants to stop in the middle of a project and go to the store to grab forgotten items (or worse yet, have to wait on those items to come via snail mail). Make a list of every item you need (large and small) and cross them off as you purchase them.

Bathroom Toilet Ideas






Touch up

Clean out the bathroom of anything and everything that may get in the contractors way while doing renovations. This is also a good time to put everything the contractor will need in one spot, so the supplies will be easy to find.

The countertop can be cluttered pretty easily and drawers under it collect even more stuff. Be sure to reach all of the nooks and crannies so you don’t lose important items in the renovation.

Bathroom Countertop Ideas







A few weeks before you start your project, give yourself a break from all of the planning. Go to the store, pick out your paint, and purchase, any accessories to match (towels, shower curtain, soap dish, etc.).

Be sure to add some accessories that create more space in your bathroom. While picking out the accessories it is especially important to stick with the theme you have set for the room.

Necessary Bathroom Accessories






Follow up with your contractor

When the contractor is finished with the project don’t forget to look over the final remodel to have them tie up any loose ends.

Bathroom Design Remodel Checklist






The final step in this bathroom remodel checklist is to relax and take a sigh of relief. Grab a glass of wine, get into your new tub and check the bathroom off your list of rooms that you have wanted to remodel for your home.