Green Roofing Supports Energy Efficiency in Oklahoma

Energy Efficient & Green Roofing Solutions

At Van De Steeg & Associates, we pride ourselves on our green solutions and being ahead of the curve when it comes to innovative energy-saving roofing material. We offer a number of roofing solutions for residential installations that will help your wallet by cutting energy consumption while protecting the environment.

We offer a great selection of products to our Oklahoma City metro area customers that meet energy efficiency standards that may also offer you a federal tax credit for consumer energy efficiency.

GAF Timberline® Cool Series Shingles

Can qualify for up to $1,500 back in energy rebates from the U.S. government in the form of tax credits*.

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Now get potential energy savings (and even tax credits) when you install GAF Timberline® Cool Series Shingles.

Thanks to modern reflective technology, you can join the green revolution with Cool Series roofing shingles. Our highly reflective shingles can help to reduce temperatures in your attic, so your home will stay cooler in the summer and you’ll save on air conditioning costs.

Simply put, our Cool Series shingles use specially designed roofing granules that have greater reflectance than traditional shingles. The result: the roof minimizes the transfer of heat to the space below—to keep you cooler in the summer.

Not only that, Timberline® Cool Series shingles are made with the patented StainGuard® algae protection to assure the beauty of your roof against unsightly blue-green algae.

How Cool?

Thanks to the reflective nature of the Cool Series Shingles, part of the heat coming from the sun gets reflected, reducing the heat in the attic, and heat going into the house. It may translate into substantial savings in air conditioning bills.

Cool roofs may save residents an avg. 7-15%** of total cooling costs, depending on geography, structure and climate. In warmer climates, cooling-cost savings may be greater year round.

A cool roof minimizes the solar heat gain of a building by first reflecting incoming sun rays and then by quickly re-emitting the remaining absorbed portion. As a result, the cool roof stays cooler than a traditional roof of similar construction.

*Results may vary by geography, season and property.
**According to Cool Roof Rating Council

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