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Scam Alert – Educate yourself- protect yourself.

If there was a hailstorm in your area…

You are in for a deluge of door knockers to try to sell you a roof. Some will be legitimate companies that are genuinely trying to help you, and get some business for themselves, of course, nothing wrong with legitimate business opportunities. However, some will be SCAM ARTISTS and some will just be SHADY contractors, even though they are local roofers. Make sure you check for the following information to be sure who you are dealing with when getting estimates from local roofers.


1. Go to – you can put in contractor name or their Oklahoma Registration number to make sure they are “IN GOOD STANDING” with the Construction Industries Board. (If the name won’t pull up.. put in their number) If they do not show up in search they are either not a local roofer or they are under a different name. Make sure the name on the CIB Registration and name on insurance match.

2. Make sure they can present current insurance and that you call the agent to make sure they are paid up and the insurance is current in spite of the date on the Certificate of Insurance. (make sure the name of registered local roofer at CIB matches the name on the Certificate of Insurance)

3. Make sure that the contractor is a local company with a brick and mortar address. ( make sure they are legit local roofer in this state) You might also look to see if it is an out of state tag on the vehicle.

4. Find out how long the local roofer has been in business

5. Find out if they are a certified contractor with the shingle manufacturer so that they can offer and service a warranty for that manufacturer. ( Certified means they are authorized to put on their product for warranty purposes)

6. If they are telling you that you need to get signed with them to ensure there will be materials available… or pressuring you with a time factor… know that there was a material shortage before the hail storm. Due to Covid closings and the ice storm that took out several asphalt manufacturing facilities, the materials needed to produce the shingles and underlayment are not readily available at this time, in some cases, for certain shingles. If they are using that as a pressure tactic… think twice. They may be making promises that they cannot keep on availability and time frame.

7. DO NOT STRESS. You do not have to answer the door, or you can put a sign on … NO SOLICITORS. And then call a local roofer you have researched… and set an appointment. So you will know who is coming to your door. It could be a longer process than normal given the current situation, but a good contractor will help you walk through it step by step and help you avoid the unnecessary stress of the unknown… and not make unrealistic promises.

We do not want to see anyone lied to or taken advantage of during this time. Taking a few minutes to do some research on your local roofer could save you thousands of dollars in the end and ensure the local roofer you choose will be there for you down the road, in the event of any issues with your roof.

To know what components should be included in your roofing system, check out this video. http://youtube/gaf roofing system

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Very visable damage on roof vent and on a 50 year shingle.