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Trust Van De Steeg & Associates for your Oklahoma storm damage inspections, roofing repairs and insurance claims. Van De Steeg’s roofing experts are trained and experienced to not only inspect your roof for damage, but to assist you with filing your insurance claim.

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Not all damage is visible right away

If your roof went through a hail storm or your neighborhood was hit by straight-line winds, you may not notice damage right away. However, that doesn’t mean that your roof hasn’t been damaged. Exposed asphalt will deteriorate and more granules will come loose. The damage will be evident a few months later and will probably call for more expensive, time-consuming repairs.

Call our Oklahoma City based roofing company and a trained roofing specialist will do a full inspection to uncover any damage in time for you to file your insurance claim, and before further damage is done.

Check out GAF’s online Danger Signals videos for insights into storm damage.

Why choose us to repair or replace your roof after a storm?

Van De Steeg & Associates is a local Oklahoma construction company serving statewide since 1999. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and are rated an A+ Oklahoma City Roofing Company with the Better Business Bureau. Check out The Oklahoman article on NewsOK about Oklahoma City roofing scams, featuring tips from our own Erik Van De Steeg.