Oklahoma Roofing & Construction Services

Van De Steeg & Associates provide a broad spectrum of services to customers in Oklahoma. As a full-service roofing contractors in Edmond and Oklahoma City, we bring added expertise to all areas related to roofing, repair and construction.

Roofing & Construction

  • Roofing, roof inspections and maintenance
  • Variety of Composition Shingles
  • Stone Coated Shingles
  • Class IV Impact Resistant Shingles
  • Ventilation Evaluation/Repairs/Troubleshooting
  • Leak Repair/Waterproofing
  • Consulting
  • Guttering
  • Steel buildings


  • Shingles are hand nailed (roofing)
  • Cleanup is a high priority every step of the process
  • Final quality inspections on every job is guaranteed

Job Management

  • On-the-job supervision, providing quality work and efficiency
  • Customer service before the job, during the job, after the job


  • General Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation

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